A Nationwide Source for Conversion

The Jewish Outreach Innovation Network's first project is the creation of a website to assist potential converts as they search for welcoming communities and rabbis.

Many people consider becoming Jewish or would like to learn more about Judaism, but they become disheartened by the challenges of finding a synagogue that is welcoming and one that has the communal resources that seekers need. Every time this happens our Jewish communities lose one more potential member and leader.

Our nationwide clearinghouse of conversion programs

We are currently building an unprecedented nationwide resource connecting prospective converts to welcoming communities in the United States. Our site will be searchable by state and denomination, and will include details about conversion programs such as size, duration, and cost. Perhaps most importantly, it will provide a powerful message to prospective converts that they are welcomed and we value their arrival in our synagogues.

This site will only be as useful as its information is accurate. If you are a rabbi or synagogue leader who wants to be included in our site, please contact us!