The Jewish Outreach Innovation Network: Sowing Judaism into this world and reaping a hundredfold

We are a gathering of Jewish leaders committed to the life-transforming power of conversion to Judaism. We embrace the message of Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Yochanan, who stated that God scattered the Jewish people among the nations of the world as one scatters seed, in order to bring up a greater harvest of converts to Judaism. We believe that it is a mitzvah to share the blessings of God and Torah with all would hear our message and be drawn to it, as laid out by the great Rabbi Maimonides, who taught that the commandment to love God is in truth a commandment to bring others into loving relationship with God. We are gathered to bring awareness to this important mitzvah and to help Jews to fulfill it.

We believe that the time has come for Judaism to assert its rightful place as one of the great wellsprings of human spiritual wisdom; to repair the world by repairing the broken hearts of spiritual seekers who do not know that the Jewish people will welcome them. We do not seek to see a world that is entirely or only Jewish, but we will hope, pray, and act to create a world where more people have access to Jewish wisdom, practice, and community.